What Happens Every Smog Testing?

If we had to guess, here is the range of emotions that most Californians car owners go through when they receive notice that it is time for a smog check.

Disbelief and/or denial

The first set of emotions that most Californians feel when receiving notice for a smog check is disbelief or denial. They probably see the notification and say, “didn’t we just have this done?” Two years goes quickly, doesn’t it? (California law requires that cars older than eight years must have a smog check completed every two years.)


Next, you probably feel annoyed about having to find time to complete a smog check. After all, we are all overscheduled. We have to work, take care of our families, watch Warrior games, go grocery shopping, and walk the dog. No one has time for a smog check. (The reality is that smog checks usually take only 20 or 30 minutes to complete.)


After the denial and irritation come acceptance. Begrudgingly, most Californians pick up their phones and Google “smog check near me” or “smog check coupon.”

You may go through this same range of emotion every two years, but have you ever wondered what exactly goes on when you take your car in for a smog check? Here’s what is happening while you drink fresh coffee in the San Jose Smog Check waiting room.

The technicians visually inspect the emission control components and systems of your vehicle. This can be done at a San Jose smog check station that specializes in only doing the checks, but not doing the repairs. These are known as test-only stations.

Next, the technicians complete a functional inspection of your car’s check engine light, ignition timing, exhaust gas recirculation system, fuel evaporative system, and the gas cap. The state of California recommends that you go to a licensed mechanic as soon as your “check engine” light appears. Don’t wait until your smog check to get it fixed.
Another functional inspection is then completed of the On-Board Diagnostic System. This means that the technician checks your car’s computer system to determine if there’s anything wrong with the vehicle.
Finally, the car undergoes a tailpipe emissions inspection.

If you aren’t a “car person,” you may not understand these steps that technicians take to complete a smog check on your car. It doesn’t matter if you know very little about cars. What you do need to understand is that the California smog check history requires that most vehicles are checked for the amount and type of pollutants that they are emitting.

You also need to know that not every smog check in San Jose is equal.

That’s why you need to bring your vehicle to San Jose Smog Check. It is located in a clean, convenient location — 1585 W. San Carlos Street, San Jose. Check our website for online smog check coupons. You can save money while making sure that the air we breathe is as clean as possible. Let’s protect our beautiful state!

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