Consumer Assitance Program

Of course, we are all aware that the recent COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in rampant unemployment, and no one can guess what this will do to the U.S. economy. Now, more than ever before, it is important to be aware of what resources are available if you find yourself unemployed.

Since more people are competing for fewer jobs, you need to make sure you are as “hirable” as possible. Some workplaces ask if you can drive and whether or not you have access to your own vehicle. If you have a valid license and a working, registered vehicle, you can confidently check that box with an “X.”

The problem is that many people cannot afford the necessary repairs to pass a California smog test to get their vehicle registered. The result of this problem is an unfortunate, endless cycle. 1. You can’t afford to fix your car. 2. Your vehicle is illegal to drive. 3. Since you don’t have a vehicle, you can’t get to a job. 4 Repeat.

Fortunately, even before the coronavirus outbreak, the State of California started the Consumer Assistance Program (CAP).
This program assists low-income California residents in getting a working vehicle. It does it in one of two ways.

First, low-income individuals may qualify to receive $500 to spend on diagnosing and repairing their vehicles. The repairs must be emissions-related and completed to help the car pass the smog test. Vehicles eight years and older must pass this test in order to be registered in the state.

While $500 may cover the bulk of the emission repair bill, there may be other problems with the car that cause it to be undrivable. That’s why the state also enacted the Vehicle Retirement program.
If you can’t afford to make the additional repairs on the car, the state may purchase it from you for $1,000 or $1,500. You can put those funds toward a reliable vehicle that would pass the smog test with ease.

You must read the fine print on the entire program before assuming that you qualify for the assistance. For one thing, it is important to note that the diagnosis and repairs to the emission system need to be completed at a STAR certified location. Also, the Vehicle Retirement program may or may not be fully funded, so even if you qualify based on your financial situation, there may not be enough money in the fund to give you access to the money.

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