How do you know that you need a smog check?

Since it’s hard to keep up with government regulations these days, we thought it would be beneficial to go through the California rules regarding smog checks. We will tell you under what conditions you are required to get one, under what circumstances you do not need one, and where you can get a “smog check near me.”

You need a smog check when . . .

Because smog checks are based on government regulations, we will give you the general rule and then go into the detail by looking at the “fine print.”

You need to get a smog check when you register a new vehicle in California.

The fine print: The government regulations state that if your new car is less than four models year old, you can choose to get a smog check, or you can pay a smog abatement fee. The fee is dependent upon the type of vehicle you are registering. You can continue this practice for the first eight years that your car is registered.

To find out how much the smog abatement fee is for your vehicle, fill in the details on this website.

You need a smog inspection when you renew your vehicle registration.

The fine print: You may not have to get a smog inspection when you renew your vehicle if you live in a county in California where it is not required.

Sorry, residents of Santa Clara County! You still need to check online for a smog check in San Jose.

You need to get a smog check before selling your car.

The fine print: You need to provide the new owner of the car a valid smog certificate when you transfer ownership of the vehicle unless the vehicle is four years old. In that case, the new owner will need to pay a smog transfer fee.

You don’t need a smog check if . . .

We hate to be the bearer of bad news all the time. Here are some instances when you do not need a smog check.

You do not need a smog check if you drive an electric vehicle.

You do not need a smog check if your car is powered by natural gas and weighs more than 14,000 pounds.

You do not need a smog check if you drive a diesel-powered vehicle that is older than 1997.

You do not need a smog check if you drive a vehicle that is from 1975 or older.

Where to get a smog check

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