Car Care Tips For You This Summer

No one likes getting stranded on the freeway. We want to say that getting your car looked at by technicians at the premier San Jose smog check station would keep that from happening, but that is not entirely accurate.

While San Jose Smog Check can promise you a fast and cheap smog check, you still have to take responsibility for performing routine maintenance on your vehicle. Special care must also be taken during the high temperatures of summer.

Here’s what you need to do:

Check your battery

People associate battery problems with colder months, but the summer heat can also wreak havoc on your car battery. If you find yourself visiting more natural areas and parks with unpaved roads, make sure your battery is securely mounted. Vibration caused by driving over rough roads may decrease the battery’s function.

Besides making sure the battery mount is secure, take a look at your battery terminals. Make sure the clamps are tight and free of corrosion. And before heading out on a road trip, have your battery tested, especially if it is close to three years old.

Check your engine coolant

Consult your car’s owner’s manual to see how often the cooling system should be flushed. At each oil change, make sure your technician is filling the coolant to the proper level. Of course, this job can be easily done yourself, but caution should be taken when removing the radiator cap. If the engine is too hot, this act could cause severe burns.

Before heading off on your road trip, make sure to inspect the hoses and belts for cracks.

Check all your car’s fluid levels

While we are on the subject of fluids, make sure that you check the car’s other fluid levels as well — not just the coolant. Learn how to check your car’s oil level, as well as the levels of your brake fluid, transmission fluid, and power steering fluid.

Check your tires

More tires blow out during the summer. This tends to occur when road temperatures are extremely high. One way to reduce the chance of a blowout is to check your tire pressure at least once a month. Underinflated tires are especially dangerous.

Does your car’s owner’s manual recommend one tire pressure, but your tires have a different number stamped on the side? Follow the instructions in your owner’s manual to make sure you are driving in the safest conditions.

Make sure you can legally drive your vehicle

One thing that San Jose Smog Check CAN help you do is to make sure your car meets the smog check requirements of the State of California. The state will inform you if it is time for you to get your car checked, and our STAR station can give you a state-required smog check.

Check out our customer reviews. People love our fast service, clean atmosphere, and our smog check coupons. Even though we can’t assist you with your routine car maintenance, San Jose Smog Check will do what they can to make sure you are legal to drive on California freeways.

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