Getting your car Smog Check on Time

If you want to successfully renew your car’s registration and continue driving it on the streets of California, you need to pass a star smog test. And if you own a model which is older than 2012, you need to do this every other year. While this may seem like a painfully long, drawn-out process, this is not the case. In fact, down at San Jose Smog Check, we pride ourselves on making your Star certified test as quick and painless as possible.

Even though smog tests aren’t anything new, and have been around for quite some time, a lot of people still don’t believe that they are actually beneficial for them and their cars.

As one of the top smog test centers in California, we get this complaint a lot and assure you that this is not the case. In fact, here are the top 5 ways of getting a smog test done that can be beneficial for both you and your car!

Smog Checks help the environment

Who doesn’t like fresh air? But sadly, air quality has been a hot issue in California for quite some time now, and it is a well-known fact that we have some of the strictest emissions-related regulations.

This is why nearly all cars are required to clear the test before they can hit the road. Passing the smog test means that your car is in good shape and that it complies with all laws and regulations.

Most importantly, it makes sure that your car is not harming the environment with its emissions. By performing just one little check, you are helping to make this world a better, greener place for yourself and future generations.

Clearing a smog test makes your car legal

In the state of California, if you want to legally register your car with the Department of Motor Vehicles, you need to successfully clear a smog test first. For vehicles more than 8 years old, this needs to be done once after every two years.

If you don’t get the test done, the DMV will register your car, and you will be allowed to drive it around legally. And if you think that’s okay, it really is not.

Getting caught driving in an illegal car means a very long, bad day with a heavy fine and an impounded car. If you don’t want your ride to gather dust in the impound lot, it’s important to get the test done on time.

A Smog Test can help you take care of your car

Despite what many people think, the smog test does not only check the fumes coming out of the exhaust. Instead, the test consists of many checks and takes into consideration a lot of factors before passing or failing your vehicle.

The best smog test technicians will always begin your test by not only visually inspecting the exhaust output of your car, but also the check engine light, the time it takes you to start your car, your gas cap, as well as some basic things like tire inflation, oil, and engine temperature.

At the end of the test, you can expect a detailed report on how your car did in all these categories, and also a reason why if it failed the test. This is also why the best technicians will always have a lot of helpful advice for you, and can really help you take better care of your beloved car.

A Smog Test can improve your gas mileage

Believe it or not, correctly performed smog tests are extremely useful in this regard. When you get your car tested by us down at San Jose Smog Check, we take a look at your fuel EVAP system, which basically prevents the fuel vapors from your tank escaping out into the environment.

If we do suspect a cracked or loose valve or a hose, we will let you know right away, so you can get that fixed, and increase the mileage you get out of your car.
While this, unfortunately, means that you will fail the test, rest assured that we do not benefit financially from such events. Instead, you can get your EVAP system fixed, and come back within 30 days for a free retest on any car model as late as 2000.

Now that you know that getting a smog test is actually worth it, come on down to San Jose Smog Check for the best service in town- we’re open all week!